We have been exporting out products to US and European countries since we started the factory

Rizhao Fast and Fasten Scaffold Co., Ltd was established in 2004. We are located in the City of Rizaho of Shandong Province, China. Rizhao City is right on the coast of the Yellow Sea and is about one and half hours to the Port of Qingdao.
Our company has a land area of 23, 000 square meters, with covered warehouses of 6000 square meters and office space of 1000 square meters.
We have 5 mechanical engineers, 150 skilled employees and are capable of turning out 40 containers of scaffold products each month. We have been exporting out products to US and European countries since we started the factory and all our manufactured products meet or exceed US OSHA and EN74 standard.

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Rizhao fast & fasten scaffold Co., Ltd.


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Add:300 meters north of the intersection of Zaozhuang Road and Xueyuan Road in Donggang District, Rizhao City

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